QuickSpell is a quick word look-up for your browser search bar.  Like most search engines QuickSpell provides results as “suggestions”, so you don't have to wait for a web page to load. 

QuickSpell works in recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer

If you just want to quickly see how to spell a word QuickSpell lets you do so without having to open a web page or another program.


In recent versions of Firefox suggestions are only shown for the default search engine; so for QuickSpell to work you have to click on the search icon and, at the bottom of the drop-down, click "Change Search Settings", and then choose QuickSpell (and make sure "Provide search suggestions" is clicked). I guess we can call it "SlowSpell" now.

Firefox shows “autocomplete” results (recently entered words/searches) before it shows “suggestions”.  To unclutter your future results hover over each autocomplete search word that you don’t want and hit Delete. 

Notes. The words in this dictionary came from “Spell Checking Oriented Word Lists.”  As far as I can tell all of the words appear to be legitimate words; but I have only spot-checked.  These lists are organized in groups from common to less-common words.  This dictionary includes all but the least-common group.  Some words are provided with both uppercase and lowercase forms; both are included here in case it prompts one to think about which will be correct for the current circumstance.  Currently this dictionary includes only American word variants (labor rather than labour, for example). 

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.