WYSIWYG editing for your web site

Wysiwygit provides what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing for your web site.  Wysiwygit is an implementation of the popular CKEditor browser-based text editor.  Wysiwygit allows users to edit web-page content in place.  Wysiwygit can be installed without any changes to existing web pages. 


Try out Wysiwygit online.  Get started with user name "demo" and password "demo".

Why Wysiwygit ?

I like the the way that Google Sites and similar offerings allow end-users to access and modify web pages, but I sometimes need more customization – for example, in navigation menus – than Google Sites provides.  I also felt that both Google Sites and offerings like Drupal could do better for end-users in letting them see modifications "in real time." 

I also wanted more flexibility than these systems typically provide in file and image uploads, so I could keep to the organization of an existing site.

Wysiwygit lets me provide a custom site where it is still easy for users to update content.



Zip file.  Or zip file from Github.  Published under the MIT license.


Installation and use.


Questions, suggestions, comments?  Please email me.